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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


A handheld computers, also referred to Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC), is a computer small enough to fit in our hand.
Example type of handheld computers:-

Cause of their reduced size, the screens on handheld computers are small. Many handheld computers comunicate wirelessly with other devices or computers and also include a digital pen call stylus for input. Similar to a digital pen, a stylus is a small metal or plastics devices that look like a ballpoint pen but uses pressure instead of ink to write, draw, or make selection. Some handheld computers have miniatureor specialized keybords. Many handheld computers are industryspecific and serve the needs of mobile employees, such as meter readers and parcel deliverypeople, whose jobs require them to move from place to place.

Intermec's rugged handheld computers are built for the task at hand, combining the advantage of consumer PDAs and high-end industrial mobile computers into a single rugged package. Like PDAs, Intermec systems are small and lightweight, yet they provide targeted functionality, a tactical keypad and enhanced connectivity including industry standard 802.11x, Cisco compatibility and Bluetooth. Combining the latest Microsoft Windows operating system technology, Intermec SmartSystems device management software, superior industrial design and ruggedness, Intermec handhelds are easy to deploy, use, and support for a small business or an enterprise.

Some Handheld PCs run on Microsoft's Windows CE operating system, with the term also covering Windows CE devices released by the broader commercial market:

To be classed as a Windows CE Handheld PC the device must :

  • Run Microsoft's Windows CE
  • Be bundled with an application suite only found through an OEM Platform Release and not in Windows CE itself
  • Use ROM
  • Have a screen supporting a resolution of greater than 480×24
  • Include a Compact Flash Slot
  • Include a PC card Slot
  • Include an infrared (IrDA) port
  • Provide wired serial and/or USB connectivity

Sunday, March 1, 2009

RAIHAN - Raihan means 'Fragrance of Heaven'. Formally formed in October 1996 by five members with Nazrey Johani, the late Azhari Ahmad as leader, Che Amran Idris, Abu Bakar Md Yatim and Amran Ibrahim. Curently Raihan members remained 4 Che Amran as the leader with Abu Bakar, Amran and Zulfadli. Raihan pioneered contemporary Nasyeed to win many awards and recognition. They now travel the world spreading inspirational words of peace to all people, Muslims or otherwise.

Raihan Achievements

Raihan performed at Commweatlh Conference in EdinBurgh

In 1997, RAIHAN represented Malaysia and performed at the Commonwealth Conference in Edinburgh. The concert was patronised by HRH Prince Charles. During the Commonwealth Games held in Kuala Lumpur in 1998, RAIHAN shared their audience with HRH Queen Elizabeth with other popular Malaysian artistes in Malaysia's world class Synchrosound Studios and was among the top Malaysian artistes performing at the games' closing ceremony.

Letter from Prince Charles To Raihan.
Raihan receives international award, Mahabba Award in Dubai.

On 26th October 2006, at Binayas Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dubai. Raihan has received an international Award, Mahabba Award, Art of Love. The event were attended by few selected Nasyeed Artistes worldwide and Raihan was the representative from Asia. The Mahabba Award was introduced to appreciate the contribution by selected personal or group towards promoting Islam through the work arts.

May Allah gives strenght to all especially to those who have taken great length towards organising such event. Ameen.




For their past achievements, they have been invited to performed and interviewed for Malaysia "Anugerah Industri Muzik" ( Musical Industry Award ).

Their Achievements are :-

# Malaysia 's best selling album ever (PUJI-PUJIAN – 1.5Mil units) and total album sales of 3.5 million units (to date);

# released two compilation albums entitled “KOLEKSI NASYID TERBAIK” (2001) and “BACALAH” (2005, tenth anniversary release);

# starred in Malaysia's first movie with a totally Islamic theme, SYUKUR 21;

# won many local industry music awards for a variety of achievements including Best Album, Best Vocals, Album Of The Year and Most Travelled Artistes;
# travelled all six continents;

# accorded the Malaysian Book Of Records' Fastest Selling Album (Jan 1997);

# awarded the Mahabbah award in Dubai (2006);

# defined the Contemporary Nasyeed music genre, becoming the trendsetters and inspiring many local and international nasyeed acts;

# being the preferred benchmark for nasyeed repertoire and performances;

# appointed Peace Ambassadors representing Malaysia by the Prime Minister Department (2006);

# launching the annual RAIHAN World Tours (2006);

# Best Nasyid Album of the year 2006

# "Anugerah Kembara" ( Most Travelled Award ) 2006